Objectives :

Health Awareness in the Arab World is a tool for the exploration of the demographically-rich data provided by Facebook Marketing API, compararing visually and numerically the numbers of users having health-related interests to luxury-related interests from Arab League countries.

How to use:

1) Select the topics of interest.

For example, you can compare the number of people who are interested in Obesity Awareness to those interested in Fast Food.

You can select/de-select the topic by clicking on it.

2) Status bar shows relative interest in the topics.

It shows the number of people on Facebook who have shown interest in health-related pages (left side) and luxury-related pages (right side) compared to the total number of Facebook users (which are shown as a green and red frame in the status bar). The total number of Facebook users according to the user selection is shown as green and red frame in the status bar.

The score is the difference in percentages of selected Facebook users having interest in one and the other topic. So, if the score is positive, a greater percentage is more interested in health-related pages, and opposite if it is negative.

You can easily follow the score representation by the blue frame in the status bar.

3) Refine your selection by geolocation using the map

Use either the map or the buttons on the right to select and de-select countries.

4) Refine your selection by demographic.

The treemaps on the left of the map are a powerful tool where you can filter and explore the data by gender, age range, education and citizenship.

Click in each treemap's tile to filter the visualization, and again to remove the filter, and the application will dynamically update its output as you explore.

Use case example:

In this example, we are visualizing how much Facebook users in the Gulf region are interested in Health Care and Cars or Vehicles. The treemaps are selected to show people who have graduated, are locals and have age between 25 and 44 years old. We can infer that:

  • Women are much more interested in Health Care than men.
  • Saudi Arabia and Yemen are more interested in Health Care or less interested in buying cars.

Click here to see it in the application link.

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